Mother’s Day

Pretty soon its Mother day in the U.K. The novelty being this year I am sober and I care a lot about what I get people.

I have my mum (total super star) who occasionally reads this so I shall say no more! I have also my husbands mother, who is very religious and I don’t know all that well, so I have gone with painting her a bible cover.

I’m not sure painting on bibles is strictly allowed, but hey ho, at least I tried.

I have also inherited my husbands first wife’s mother (still with me) as she sadly died, and I don’t want mother day to be even sadder for her mum. So I get her pressies and the kids do a card from them- just something so the day isn’t really awful.

I am also going to do some baking, so I will take a photo of that if the piping works out OK. Wishing you a happy Tuesday all.

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  1. What a beautiful present! I would love to give that to my sister!

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    1. I could do one for her if you like?

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