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So after a long and hard day yesterday I crawled into bed, ready to sleep like it was. New Olympic sport. No need to get up in the morning and the hope that my nagging headache might actually go. Basically I imagined this would be me:

(Except not a cat)

Instead after a couple of hours here I am awake. Hardly surprising my brain decided that nightmares would be totes helpful.

There are any Number of things I could use this time for:

Cat/ husband snuggles

Listening to my audiobook

Looking up a bunt cake recipe to try out my new mould

Even talking to someone online

All more positive than what my brain is doing with is worrying the next two days will be awful like yesterday.

As you can see it’s still snowing. I guess later I would like to try and get the kids to help me make a snow man or make snow angels. I would also like to keep working on my knitting. More than anything I would just like a day where I don’t feel as isolated.

Trust no sleep to make me go all philosophical.

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