Snow day gratitude and a knitting disaster

We never *ever* get snow where we live, so the kids were beyond excited when school was cancelled today for a snow day. We were up and out early, and at the park with the sledges. Tell you what- I had forgotten how much the cold can hurt your hands! The kids were wrapped in about 8 layers, and for the younger two, it was the first time they had really seen snow.

The novelty of snow for me basically wears off after my hands or feet start to hurt. but they kids had a great time- although really there wasn’t the kind of deep lush snow you see on telly, more a patchy white which was fast icing over. When we got back home, and had defrosted, we did hot chocolate and a film, and I pottered around baking and listening to my audio book. At the moment I am listening to The Woman in Black whilst I do my knitting, except there has just been a knitting related disaster and quite a few stitches have fallen off the needles. CATASTROPHE! I have no idea how to fix it. Bugger.

So now we are all warm inside, and I wanted to share my snow related gratitude list.

1- I am grateful for the time we spent together this morning as a family. It was particularly lovely seeing the younger ones play in the snow for the first time.

2- Sausage sandwiches are perfect snow day lunch. (vege for me!)

3- I am grateful for central heating, with bells on.

4- I am grateful for my program giving me the opportunity for reflection and prayer in the day.

5- I am grateful for having experienced this day sober, as I will remember it.

6- Finally I am grateful for how perplexed the kitties are by snow. It is really funny watching them do a John Cleese Ministry of Silly Walks across the garden.


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