The world is magical


I have had a chest infection, and felt pretty rubbish for over a week now. I finished my antibiotics yesterday and so today I went for my first run in *ages.* I am supposed to be marathon training but today was about 4 miles of total joy.

It starting snowing as I began my run, which was through a forest path. I was sheltered from the freezing wind by the trees, and the snow was blowing through the trees in swirls and drifts, landing on my eye lashes. Soon the trees, plants and floor was covered in white, making the world look strange and magical. Every footstep was like treading on powdered sugar, and I with running I didn’t feel cold at all. All I felt was a sense of incredible peace, serenity and joy- what a gift it is to be alive in such a beautiful world.

Gratitude list:

1- The chance to experience the snow and see its beauty sober.

2-My health has improved so my lungs and legs work. Hurray!

3- Chai Latte is literally the best thing since (GF) sliced bread

4- My sponsor and I had the most amazing meeting, and we discussed and read around step 3. I am so grateful to have the guidance of such an inspiring lady.

5- My daft kitty really didn’t know what to make of the snow. His confused face was the best!

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  1. Glad you are feeling better!

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