How to guide- gratitude 101

My sponsor started me off with thinking of 3 things I was grateful for every night. We then upped it to 5, and I recon we will be upping it to 10 soon. I was so good at moaning about what was wrong with my life, I often gave very little thought to anything I was grateful for.

My list usually starts with:

1- a sober day

Let’s face it, without this my recovery would be more of a relapse! After than I used to manage ‘my kids’ or ‘my husband’ Recently I have started feel these gratitudes much more easily. I have been making an effort to thank people for their role in my life, and to acknowledge when I am grateful to someone. I just recently wrote a blog post to someone ho wrote an audiobook that I loved, just to say thank you to her. It feels like sending out positive little notes into the universe, not in the hope of receiving the same back, just in the hope of making the world a more positive place.

A gratitude list can be the basis upon which you can start prayer as a ritual in your life. I don’t mean down on your knees like a primary school, more just about having time to dedicate thought to something beyond yourself. Folk in AA talk about a HP (higher power, not Harry Potter) a lot or God. I am not quite there, but I do think the time and space to reflect and be grateful is fantastic. I do this before bed at night, or when I am running,

I used to really have to search for things I was grateful for. Now I hope that finding this easier is a sign of my recovery and feeling more at peace with myself and the world.

Gratitude list:

1- Another sober day

2- My husband looking after me whilst I had a chest infection. Apparently I told him I was poorly more than 100 times a day! He is also going to be a victim of a health food kick- including a ginger a turmeric shot. 🤢

3- My mum. She is basically ace, and it is her birthday. I am making her a cake, and I am grateful to have the chance to show her how much she is appreciated,

4- The RMR community. Lovely ladies who have been very supportive of my running. Look them up on Facebook.

5- strawberry bonbons. My currently favourite naughty snack. It’s ok though as last time I checked no one developed a physical dependency on bonbons. Fact.

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