Not quite another Pinterest fail/ mindful knitting

I’ve been poorly with a chest infection this week. I’ve spent a fair amount of time watching Netflix and feeling sorry for myself. I was pleased to start my new knitting project in the sunshine in bed.

It is a simple shawl or wrap, which you increase one stitch each row, so it will be a giant triangle. Here is the work so far:

Here is my kitty trying to catch the needles!

Now, I used to knit a lot before my children were born, but it is something I have been pleased to rediscover now, especially as Pinterest exists now too! When I used to knit it was kinda mindless distraction, this time round I am trying to make it much more mindful. Instead of checking out whilst knitting, I am making an effort to use each stitch to create a rhythm, which guide me in either thinking over my step work or in asking to hand my day over. These are thoughts that are not yet natural to me, and so I have to work to incorporate them into my daily life. I saw this, and it really illustrates how I feel about this current project:

I am so grateful to have the time to be able to knit, and be creative (even if it has been being ill that has given me that time!) e shawl itself is intended to be a present for my sponsor for her sobriety birthday. I shall update how the project is going over the next few days.

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