I’m still here.

So it’s day 101 and I am still here. Writing stopped for the majority of half term, as the kids kept me busy and my new tablets kept me tired! Anyhow, we all survived. In fact we had some really nice time together, I especially enjoyed taking them to a farm and we did a lot of muddy puddle jumping and baby chick holding. Awwww.

The other thing that was lovely in the holidays is that my husband and I had two child free nights! I real treat. So we slept. And we went out for dinner. It was awesome. We had a real chance to reconnect over how poor the Marvel Jessica Jones TV show is, and marvelling at how little we have to hoover when there are no kids around. We also had a very fun game of not-really scrabble where you have to fill the board with rude words with no tiles left over. It was hilarious.

My latest knitting project is about to start, and the wool is such a pretty colour. It is a pressie for my sponsor.

I have also been upping my miles in training for the marathon. (That last sentence is so ridiculous!) and aside from some minor knee drama I am still in one piece.

So as an update, all is well on planetary life without alcohol.

Gratitude list:

Grateful that my new trainers do not make my feet bleed

So so grateful that when I pranged my husbands car it wasn’t worse than it was.

Grateful for my friends who support me

Grateful for my family

Grateful for another sober day, and for starting writing again after a few days break.

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  1. Happy 100 Days!!! Plus more!!!
    That’s wonderful!!
    Love your scrabble!!! LOL

    Liked by 2 people

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