Self care

When my drinking was at it’s worst, my self care was really poor. I don’t mean nice things like bubble baths, but real basics like eating or washing my hair. I actually feel quite ashamed looking back at how I allowed myself to get. One of the first steps I took towards self care was painting my nails, which was too easy with the jitters. I now try and keep my nails painted, and some attempt at make up so I don’t look too much like an extra from the walking dead.

My husband has also been super awesome. For example, when he picked the kids up from the school Valentines movie night, he took them all shopping so that I could have a bubble bath in peace. Those little things really mean a lot, and I feel very grateful to him for them.

Self care now means running (good for head space, even when it’s cold and I don’t want too) and knowing when not to run and give myself a rest, it means baking for other people, but also spending that time with my children so that we can be together. Making sure that everyone has some time spent with them. This is easier said than done, but it’s an effort worth making.

I found these self care pictures on Pinterest, and I thought I would set myself up for a more peaceful weekend by trying to look after myself.


Gratitude list:

1- Another sober day

2- Finding my work iPad with I had misplaced.

3- Being given a new hockey stick for my son.

4- The chocomilk at work in the vending machine is gluten free

5- The sunshine is beautiful.

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