Belly button birthday

Me. Today.

I don’t like birthdays. I have always in the past had a mixture of anxiety about them not being quite right, and also some quite complex feelings about being adopted that are tricky to unravel. I love my adoptive parents, they are totally my parents, but I get a little twinge on my birthday. I wonder if my biological mother thinks of me? If she does I wish I could tell her she did the best for me, and that I was given every opportunity growing up. I have a lot to be thankful for, almost all of which is due to my parents who gave me an amazing childhood and put up with my every fault and drama. They are amazing.

Today isn’t a big deal in my house, we already did pressies and birthday tea at he weekend. I guess a bit of a milestone is this is my first sober birthday. I shall celebrate it with extra cake and hopefully cuddles from my kids.

I also found some cake inspiration for future years!

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  1. Happy first sober Birthday!

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