83.3 miles

I have not even run as far this January as the Proclaimers would walk. I know the Scottish pair are singing about a hypothetical distance, but it is still gutting to know that by this time next year I will have done well to get even that distance under my belt. See- it is literally a ridiculous long way to run:

Anyway- I mostly run for headspace. Time to think. Also not getting basically impossible to live with (think grumpy/irritable) features quite largely. Anyway- I am trying to convince myself to run a half marathon distance in the next few days (main aim being not to die) a bit like this was one of my main aims when I started recovery.

Just do not drink, and do not die. Seems easy. Bit like running seems easy- its basically one foot in front of another. Well, I feel like

Queen of over-thinking at the moment so everything seems harder than you would think. *deliberate music reference*

Robert Frost said, I have ‘Miles to go before I sleep’ and so I do.

Literal miles to give my brain time to be calm and quiet, and

metaphorical miles to make the spiritual and emotional journey I need to undertake to get better.

Better get my trainers on then

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