Grave humour

I happen to live rather near of grave of interest to those who follow the AA program.


Look closely, and those who read the Big Book may recognize a slightly misquoted grave stone.  Although the plot thickens, and it is apparently a replacement, the real stone is in the local museum, not on public display. Now, I am quite seriously considering EITHER running to visit this grave as my longest run yet (sometime next week) OR taking my sponsor, some hot chocolate and also giving the museum a ring so we can view the real thing. Is this totally weird?! In my defense I am a historian by training, and so hanging around graveyards is less a sign of goth tendencies, a more a sign of you are about to be lectured about Victorian symbology of death in an academic sense!

Anyway- answers on a postcard please! In the mean time, these also made me laugh:

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