Write everyday. Run everyday. Sober everyday.

So at the moment I am doing a few things that are relatively unusual everyday.

1- Running.

So far I have won (that’s what I am calling it) my 1000km and unicorn medals this month that I signed up for on Virtual Runner.  Here is my kitty modeling them, then trying to eat them.

If you like running and need some motivation, you should look them up. Some of the money goes to charity, and some of it gets you a badass medal posted to your house. Trust me, this is awesome, and I wear them. (at home- I have yet to wear one on the school run, but never say never!) This is my bling:


I am also taking part in #REDJanuary and I am running every day for Mind, a quite frankly amazing charity who work supporting those with mental health problems. I don’t really like running every day, today was a doozie, picture these things:

Sexual harassment from builders, to whom ‘cardio’ is a hospital department not a type of exercise.

An absolute bitch of a hill, which someone looked tired *walking down* it! This is me expressing my love for the hill.

Getting lost in a swap of a field.

Bumbling into another field, that then turned out to be a building site, so I had to climb my way out to make my escape. Like a red-faced mis-matched kitted out wally on Ninja Warrior, you know, the sort you *know* will fall off the first thing as their arms look kinda puny.

IMG_6510 (1)

Actually though, I arrived home with a smile on my face, and the husband made me a coffee. #win. I like contributing to charity, and now I am not pissed most of the time, I can be more effective at actually doing it.

2- Writing.

In my old life (pre-step 1) I used to professionally blog. This led to me editing a book, and then writing on of my own. Both topped the best-sellers list on Amazon for their section. This was my identity for a long time. The way I made myself feel validated, and got respect and kudos from my peers. Turns out actually writing is *way* more useful for me when the majority of people do not know who I am. There will be no recognition of the words here, except when a few friends pass on their congrats at getting sober. Its actually very liberating, and now I think more about helping others by sharing my story rather than ‘IS EVERYONE PAYING ME ENOUGH ATTENTION’ the ego is not being served by sharing my thoughts. Thank god, I am quite enough of a narcissist as it is!


3- I am still not drinking. I used to everyday, so this for me still feels a bit weird. To be honest, what is even weirder is having to sit out the feelings of inadequacy, vulnerability or pity when they seep through me. My poor husband (who may be an actual Saint) is now used to finding me all in a tizz over important world issues, like ‘I burnt an omelette,’ or ‘Why won’t Gluten Free flour not mess up cookies every time?’ I am feeling my feelings, and that is way more healthy than drowning them in a bottle.

Thank you for sticking with me those of you who read these posts and support me. I might not know you all in person, but the words of comfort and advice bring a smile to my face.

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  1. robertlfs says:

    I really enjoy, and now look forward to your posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s very kind- thank you

      Liked by 1 person

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