Into Perspective

For a few months I’ve been quite wrapped up in ‘poor me’ mode. I realised today that actually I am really lucky to be where I am and having the luxury of time to recovery and a family who support me. I am also amazed at how many of my friends will happily talk to me about my alcoholism. I don’t feel as stigmatised as when I first started my recovery.

I have met folk who have become friends in recovery, and some of them have had a horrific time. Really. But I realised today, I can support them and offer them acceptance and understanding.

However, their recovery is theirs and mine is mine.

We all need to work hard to keep ourselves moving forwards.

It’s all perspective isn’t it really? I think I’ve been doing a fair amount of this:

Before you say anything I’ve been reading about PAWs and I know this is normal and takes time. I’m also getting round to understanding not only:

But also there are people in my life who deserve my time and effort, even if they don’t quite see the world like me. It’s nice to be able to see the wood instead of just the bloody trees. So today I am happy I managed to make a slight positive difference to two people. I’m including this awesome perspective picture just because I liked it, and why not!?

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