You see the feature image? Yesterday we tried to teach my daughter to ride a bike without stabilizers. It didn’t go well. She started off doing a lot of whimpering, and progressed to full on whinging.

Her Dad is imminently more patient that I am. I tried to enthuse her, and ran along hold the back (looking somewhat ever keen in my running kit as was planning to sneak in a ‘run’ round the park) anyway, she whinged more. Then her Dad stepped in, he tried holding her coat whilst she peddled (to keep her upright), demonstrating she could put her feet down when she wobbled, he *even* went down the reward route (we don’t say bribery that sounds bad) and promised Lego in exchange for a short solo effort on her part.

By this time we had been out a while, it was getting chilly. Some of the older kids had given up and gone home to defrost themselves. She didn’t learn to ride her bike that day, but she did make progress. To the outside observer she abilities looked pretty much the same as when she started, but this morning she asked to go out on her bike after school. This proves two things:

1- Growing confidence makes you want to keep trying at things that are scary. Be it riding a bike, or another day sober.

2- Trust the bloody English weather to be raining today so she can’t go out and practice!

PS- The real irony here is she also didn’t hurt herself falling off the bike. She did however manage to face plant into a bench when she tried to flounce off. The moral of the story is*:


*Unless what is ahead of you is a bench! Look where you are going goddam it!

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