Not as in some weird section of the Internet or ‘specialist’ sex interest. This is a word I use when I do things I identify as grown up. (And that I don’t want to do) this may include:

Organising anything to do with bills

Getting my car serviced/ repaired

Cleaning plug holes

Grating cheese

Dealing with dead pets/ or birds my pets have made dead


You get the drift. I bought I was very witty getting my husband some Adulting stickers for Christmas.

The irony being is he does all those things and doesn’t carry on like he expects a round of applause for doing it.

It’s awful when you have realisations. He (and many other people) just get on with it. What is it about my brain that needs positive reinforcement all the time? The plan for the last week or so is to try and be less like this. So instead of making cakes for my meeting and pointing out to everyone I made them (Goddam Mary Berry that I am*) I have just been leaving them on the side. No rigmarole required. I am going to up my game and start doing nice things for folk in general. Take that adulting! Not only can I keep the Good Ship Home afloat, I can also wash up at my Inclusion group or pick up litter. Let’s give back some of that warm fuzzy feeling of gratitude to the world.

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  1. That’s my husband, too! He just does stuff!


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