“I don’t think you were listening” SQUIRREL!

I have heard many times from my husband that I don’t listen. I interrupt. I change subject. You know the dog in Up? That is me.

Actually, a lot of the time I am listening, it’s just my brain goes really fast and I think of something else connected or something not and

I thought when I first went to meetings that I did well to share. Well actually I have learnt more from actually shutting the hell up and just listening. There is such wisdom in the room and there is me going BLA BLA I FEEL BAD I DRANK TOO MUCH. I know, I’m totally OK to vent there, but for me, learning to listen is not natural. Or at least starting quiet, not interrupting…so as I do not have to wear the cone of shame.

I don’t mean pretend to listen either, and actually mentally work out what is for dinner next week.

I mean really listen and look for the similarities in people’s stories rather than the differences to mine.

To be a positive member of a community really does take you to use skills that you may not have polished much during your adult life, and ones that need working at.

Think about it, I know I will be and trying to take this wisdom with me into my life. Anyway- in true deadpan style, let’s let Doug finish this post with a joke:

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