Tired of being tired

Today is my day off and I had grand plans. I was going to:

Bake break and cakes

Make the house clean


Go for a decent run in the sunshine

Try the olive oil thing to stop my ear hurting

Magically intuit all tasks to make husband and kids happy

Help my friend make a birthday cake for her daughter

I even had lofty ambitions to try and start finding a quiet place to learn my Step 3 prayer.

I would be like this- but with a sense of irony.

Instead I had an emmergency run to Tesco. Superficial tidying. Did oil thing (now ear hurts more) and now I’m so tired I just want to snuggle up and sleep.

My body says rest. My brain says get up and earn your keep/be a better person/ don’t be so useless.

I am learning to try and observe my negative thoughts rather than act on them on impulse. I am dog tired so I am going to snuggle. Then hopefully I will feel brighter and I can go to my meeting later. Old me would have always got in a tizz and got upset, but what can’t wait? Really what is worth more than appreciating the moments of peace and using them to recharge rather than continually rushing about?

Come on neurons- help me out here!

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