Alohomora *with apologies to JKR*

The inspiration for this post came to me by a text conversation with my Sober Sisters from AA. One mentioned a HP (higher power) and I commented I am so clearly not at step 3 yet as my brain translates ‘HP’ as Harry Potter. I gave myself a few minutes on Pinterest and I found some lovely quotes where I see parallels with the Wizzarding world and my journey towards sobriety.

Oh god. Isn’t this true? For everyone who had a sober Christmas and New Year, I feel like the shops were trying to piss me off with booze all over the damn place. The marketing powers to push us to consumer or feel less than other work hard at Christmas to tell us Alcohol is essential. Let me tell you, fairy lights and love (and possibly chocolate) are all you need, so bugger the Muggle corporate machine than places profit over principles. There are other muggles in our lives too, those who love and support us. The muggles might not mean to get you down, they might even be trying to help. I am too quick to judge other people intentions, so my plan is to be grateful for these muggles sticking by us.

This is what it is like in a meeting. You feel safe, and quite importantly to me, not judged. It’s a fair bet that everyone in the room has done something they are ashamed of, but yet here we are supporting each other. I can feel empathy for a stranger in an AA room more quickly than someone who has been in my acquaintance for years. We share a common desire to stop drinking, and to help each other. It is actually quite moving and beautiful. This brings me to:

How true. How amazing to be a human being who has the option and luxury of choice.

Why choose darkness and self pity when one has only to turn on the light? (I hope you get this reference, it made me smile) ultimately every day will not be magical as in AMAZING, but what is really magical is that we can face the real world sober and we will find happiness, peace and contentment without needing to rely on the bottle.

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