Developing compassion (well- trying)

As I sit down to tell you about today, I am aware of how much of my blog is “I” this, and “I” that. Sometimes I am so self centered and selfish it is actually astonishing. So- lets try it a different way.

Today my family had to suffer me being in a terrible mood. For them it is like living with a monster, and not surprisingly my step-kids resent me most of the time, and my husband loses his temper with me quicker than I used to say ‘yes’ to a glass of wine.

See what I did there? Even though I am trying not to write about ME, I still cast myself as the central role in the narrative. This is what I am aiming to develop:

img_4028-1I clearly am no expert at not being self centered yet, so I will tell you about the 3 things I am grateful for today- I am this will help me focus on the positive, and on developing compassion:

1- I am grateful for the kitten who snuggles up with me when I have a nap. He makes sweet chirrup noises.

2- I am grateful for salted caramel yogurt. It is bloody lovely.

3- I am grateful for waking up for another day where I have use of my faculties, and for writing this blog.

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