Swimming metaphors

I found this picture a while ago and the imagery of drowning appealed to me. Not as in I think drowning would be awesome. More like I relate to how this feels.


Never mind pain- add in there guilt/shame. I just think the image works on many levels. Imagine my surprise when the share last Friday was about water as a metaphor for sobriety. It went something like this:

When you first learnt to swim you are not sure you want to. The water looks scary. You are worried you will not succeed. You are worried about drowning.

download (6)

You have to get in the water slowly and get used to the feeling. (I like this picture of a kitty doing just that!)


You have to find someone you trust to teach you, and help build your confidence.


Swimming takes practice! You can’t just jump in and expect to be an expert. You have to work hard to first of all learn to float, then kick your legs and move your arms.

Eventually you will be able to move forwards, but you might still need a float.


Eventually swimming becomes enjoyable and you have accomplished something by learning to do it.

The other thing is that when you start swimming, the other swimmers look like goddamn Olympic athletes.


The important thing to remember is that YOU are learning to swim, and what everyone else is doing doesn’t matter. You have to learn to swim before you can dive in, or swim lengths.

The only thing is most people learn to swim. I am not sure that most alcoholics achieve sobriety, because the work and practice involved is immense. However, where the parallel is more striking is that practicing both would save your life in a time of desperation.

keep swimming (1)

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