This isn’t just a place to vent

(Honest Gov) I think I have been a bit ranty on a few posts of late, and lost sight of the gratitude bit of my recovery. I am also painfully aware that my husband has his own recovery journey to go through, and so this post is dedicated to him. The alternative title is 10 things I love about our life together.

1- The kids. They seem to tag team being a pain in the bum, and get an untold amount of wee on the floor in the bathroom, but we love them more than I miss real bread. That is a LOT.


2- You have taken the time and effort to design our home around what works for us. I appreciate this massively, and also that you let me ruin the tasteful decor with an abundance of fairy lights and Harry Potter/ Doctor Who themed awesomeness/tatt.


3- I love that you laugh in your sleep, and then let me regale you with stories of the randomness you mutter about when I am awake and you are not.


4- I love how when you are really stressed you clean/tidy things. Its like a warning light that transpires with a really tidy shoe cupboard.


5-Cuddles. Cuddles in our house are so good they get their own mention.


6- We have a (somewhat warped) shared sense of humor that means we can laugh a lot, even if it is at quite dubious things. Living in a house with laughter is amazing.

7- We both say thank you, for the little things. We both say sorry if we have done wrong.

8- I love how we both eat each other cooking experiments. Poor you having to live with a vege, GF & AF Pinterest enthusiast.


9- You loved me at my worst. You love me when I am getting better, even when I cry and Olympic level Princess. I can’t wait for you to love me when I am the best version of me. I am excited about our future.


10- You didn’t understand my addiction, but you are one of the main supports of my recovery. You lost me to alcohol, and at the moment you have the patience to lose me to AA and getting well. I don’t think in your position I could be as strong, but I am thankful for your part in every single sober day.


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  1. My hubs has my undying gratitude, too! I can now see the positives in him! When I was drinking I focused too much on the negative. Wonderful post!

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    1. I so relate to this. I have loved spending time with my husband again, I thought he was nagging me, but he was actually being amazing!

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