My. Legs. Hurt.

Yesterday I ran 8.61 miles (and yes the .61 is important!) and today I ran 3. So basically I am now a dysfunctional version of Wonder Woman, with less cool hair, a somewhat *ahem* larger waistline and no awesome accessories- EXCEPT I do have rather spiffy earmuffs that are also headphones, and a bastard foam roller, which hurts like hell. In fact, I wouldn’t mind giving it an evil nemesis name. Maybe something like Moriarty or Donald. Ideas on a postcard folks, and I shall festoon said foam roller with its given name, and I promise to curse it personally I am utilizing it.

I am running every day in January, raising money for Mind. If you have a look at RED on the interweb you will see that lots of folk are doing it, so I can only assume that an equal number of folk have legs that only half work now. I am walking like John Wayne, and making a groaning noise when I stand up that I would more commonly associate with an elderly person aged 90 or able. This is only day 2 as well! Dagnammit- what will I be like by the 31st??!!


Anyway, day 57 done (nearly) and a nice productive meeting with my sponsor. I have also managed a total Pinterest fail baking GF bread in a machine (a bread machine by the way, I am not stupid enough to try and bake it in a dishwasher or a Transformer) and best of all there was peace on earth with the kids, my husband isn’t grumpy with me and I think our kitten loves me best of all.


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