Sober mode *on*

New Years Eve 2017- my first sober in a long long time. Not that I have spent much time recently throwing up in clubs or dancing on car roofs- but nevertheless, I am looking forward to waking up tomorrow all bright eyed (and a teeny bit smug)


I feel like the craving for alcohol has not been magically taken away from me- but that the desire to be the drunken embarrassing shambles of a mother/wife/human being certainly has. My sober mode is on, and I am determined it will stay that way for 2018. Where ever you are, and whatever your is happening in your life, I would like to wish you a peaceful, sober and happy 2018. Thank you for all your support.

PS- The jpeg below is from this website– you can find them on twitter @sobermode . I am coveting the serenity t-shirt : )



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