Eat, Sleep, Run, Repeat

Turns out what I needed to have a better day today was a LOT of sleep last night, food, and a run in the rain.

My sleep seems to have finally become a bit more normal recently. I was spending a lot of time awake at 3am when I first stopped drinking. Sleep fixes a lot of things, and a lot of wise people have told me at meetings that the best way that a good way to remedy a bad day is to go to bed and call time on it. I feel like a different person now I have slept, and I think I am dealing with the ups and downs of normal life better today.

I also have found being able to get out running again after being poorly has really helped. It just some head space to really think and to be grateful for another sober day. I’ve started to think of three things I am grateful for every night before I go to sleep, and my continued sobriety is one of them every night. Thanks for sticking with me, it’s a rocky old road this recovery malarkey, but it is worth it.

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