Something about lemons and addiction

This quote did made me do a bitter laugh noise. I am actually not that cynical. I used to be, but most of the time I am a pretty happy bunny. The tolerance of stupid people is low, and that is something I need to work on. Actually, thinking about it, it might even be more of a lack of tolerance of interesting people. Saying stupid implies poorly educated, and good education is a privilege that not everyone has access to.

Life has certainly given me anxiety issues, or I have given me anxiety issues! Not sure which, but I am pretty damn certain that my attempts at self medicating resulted in nothing short of disaster. I wonder if everyone has addictions that they turn too, or if only certain people are predisposed towards this type of behaviour? Are there ‘good’ addictions like exercise or being tidy, or can all compulsive behaviours spiral out of control? Perhaps it is more that certain people are better at hiding their addictions rather than them having a level of social respectability. HUMMMM- what do you think?

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