Gott ist in den Details

I once thought drinking made the world more vibrant, more colourful, just more. Now I can see that really the world had turned into shades of grey, where many days were the same and nothing much seemed to matter deeply to me. When I was younger (and a bit of a handful) I also took pleasure in the beautiful complexities of the world, and in the beauty around me. I’ve certainly started to see that appreciation for detail returning as my sober days go on. Day 41 now, and I thought I would share some of the details I have appreciated about my life over the last few days.

The sense of peace and calm I feel sitting with the Christmas lights on.

How noisily the kitten purrs.

How soft my children’s faces are when I kiss them good night.

The little snuffling noises my husband makes when he turns over in his sleep.

The fact edible glitter makes everything prettier. (And probably tastier too)

How much a kind word from a stranger can mean.

The way my friends eyes smile when she is laughing.

The silence at night and the tick of the radiators.

The birds that are nesting outside my bedroom window. Their wings have flashes of green feathers.

The smell of cinnamon.

The light and shadows made by the sun in my bedroom, and the warmth on my skin.

How much my husband makes me laugh by hiding my nose. (Don’t ask!)

The smell of coffee thoughtfully made for me.

Bubbles in the bath that smell of clean. Hard to describe, it’s what the kids bubble bath liquid smells like!

Spring bulbs in the garden starting to appear.

Carols making my heart light.

The feeling of pride in my chest as my friend ran her first marathon.

The glow of tea lights.

How lovely fresh fluffy towels are.

Coconut shampoo.

The yellow heather growing by the roadside on my drive to work.

The smell of baking Christmas goodies.

All of these are tiny details that I would have not noticed before, or at least certainly not been grateful for. They go some way to balancing out the problems in life, and give me an overwhelming sense of calm, and a sense of purpose beyond myself. Long may it last.

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  1. It really is about the little things! I learned that, too.
    Sobriety teaches us so much!

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