Meetings that could never be an email

You must have heard this joke:

The kind of meeting I go to now to help with my recovery could never be an email. The importance of hearing people share their experiences, and the opportunity to share yourself just wouldn’t work without face to face human interaction. It is a very real and immediate sense of building a community where we can all rely on each other.

My first few meetings (and I am still a newbie) felt a lot like this:

Oh it did feel like that, but also comforting to be in a place where other knew what I have been through. I am just starting to understand that for a long time I made decisions that on paper look basically insane. I made poor choice after poor choice, and so rethinking my behaviour is bound to feel (at best) a little odd.

I’ve been poorly sick for about a week, and now able to get to my usual meetings, and it has bothered me more than I thought it would. Not as in, RIGHT THATS IT IM OFF TO THE SHOO TO BUY WINE! More, I miss the support and solidarity of the people there and the comfort of the routine,

Let’s finish up today with a picture of a meeting that really made me laugh.

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  1. Yes, I love my meeting peeps, and the routine is SO important!


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