Running for my sanity #redjanuary

In January I have signed up for the R.E.D initiative. This stands for Run Every Day, in aid of Mind, a charity that supports folks with mental health issues. In particular this is hoping to raise the profile of the positive impact that exercise can have on mental health. GODDAM they are right. My anxiety is much lessened when I am regularly running, so how cool is this movement, where I can run and feel better and try and raise some pennies for charity as well.

For those of you who don’t run, there is no set distance, so you could do small amounts every day. Trust me, you will feel better for just getting your trainers on. There is also the fabulous opportunity for wearing your R.E.D t-shirt around and about and feeling the warm (slightly righteous) glow of someone who has done exercise. It’s the literal definition of the phrase, ‘been there- got the T-shirt’

So let’s do something to make January less bleak. If anyone wants to join me, let me know and I will set us up a Strava group so we can cheer each other on.

PS- I am totally full of stinking cold so all this running seems a tad aspirational. Wish me luck, or at least remind me to hydrate!

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